Vision for Munger Hall

The construction of Munger Hall will fulfill visions for both UC Santa Barbara and the donor, Charles Munger.  The completion of the residence hall will fulfill the obligation of the University to provide beds for the enrollment increase envisioned in the 2010 Long Range Development Plan.  Moreover, the construction of the residence hall will provide an opportunity to implement concepts for student housing that Mr. Munger has developed and begun to apply at other campuses (e.g., University of Michigan and Stanford).  These include:

  1. A focus on providing ample interactive spaces for students, recognizing much of the knowledge students gain from their university experience comes from interacting with other students, especially in their housing
  2. Minimizing costs by maximizing the number of beds on a given site, employing the concept of repeatability (8 houses per floor, 8 suites per house, 8 bedrooms per suite), and using state-of-the-art modular construction methods
  3. Providing amenities for students on site (market, bakery, gym, eatery, games, theater, educational spaces)

The goal is to build a transformational prototype for world class student housing that attracts the best students.

Tour of Munger Hall Mock-Up

Frequently Asked Questions


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